Frequently Asked Questions

As of August of 2023, all pricing is based on the previous year. 2024 pricing is to be determined.


What are the dates of the next Misawa trip? (2024)
Our dates for the 2024 trip will be Sept. 27 – October 6.  Leaving Seattle Sept. 27, arriving in Tokyo Sept. 28. 3 days in Tokyo. Oct. 1 – Oct. 6 Misawa.
Travel Agent: TBD

What is the usual delegation group size?
A good-sized group for traveling consists of 25 to 30 delegates, of which 10 delegates are students.

Who makes up the delegation?
The Sister City delegation is comprised of local city officials, Apple Blossom royalty, business leaders, teachers, adults from the community, student chaperons, and a highly select group of Wenatchee and East Wenatchee youth ambassadors currently in 7th through 12th grades.

What is the purpose of the delegation?
A prominent group of local delegates is sent each August to Misawa, Japan, to participate in the Misawa City Summer Festival. Depending on the time of year, events will change.

How long is the Japan visit?
Usually, the trip takes eight days. You lose a day going and gain it upon return.

How long is the flight to Tokyo?
The flight from Seattle to Tokyo is around 10 hours.

Where will I stay in Tokyo?
The Sister City Association usually secures accommodations at a Tokyo-area youth hostel. The beds are Western and the meals are served cafeteria-style. Adult dignitaries wishing to stay in hotels can make arrangements to meet the group each morning to board the chartered buses arranged for the delegation.

Where will I stay in Misawa?
All delegates are offered a homestay opportunity with a local Japanese family in Misawa. The Misawa people are incredible hosts and attend to your every need. Some city representatives have been hosted in recent years at the prestigious Grand Komaki Hotel.

What will I do in Misawa?
Day tours of Aomori Prefecture (outlying Misawa area) and the US Air Base are prearranged. Delegates travel on Misawa’s Luxury City Bus. You spend a day at Misawa’s International Center participating in Japanese cultural classes. A professional photographer as well as local media follow the delegation around during the trip.

Do I ride in parades?
Yes, our delegation usually participates in two Misawa parades, on Friday and Saturday during the Summer Festival. If we do not go to Japan during the time of the Summer Festival, there may be other parades or festivals going on that we participate in.

What do I wear?
Adult and student delegates are expected to wear ‘dressy casual’ clothes (i.e., button down shirts, polo shirts, khaki pants, casual dresses, coordinated pant suits). Suit jackets for the men, ties for the boys, and nice dresses for the ladies are required for the Misawa Welcome Banquet. Apple Blossom Royalty wear their festival outfits and gowns for the Welcome Banquet. As a delegate, you must be willing to represent our Valley at all times, showing pride in your appearance. Remember that the local media and photographers are with you everywhere.

What is the approximate total trip cost? (2024)
Approximately $2,000, plus whatever spending money you desire.

What is covered in this approximate total amount?
This estimated $2,000 amount covers: international round-trip airfare between Seattle and Tokyo; all travel and admission costs while in Japan, including travel to Misawa; two nights’ lodging at a hostel in Tokyo; tour fees and admission costs while in Tokyo; and all expenses for the chartered buses.